Peonies and Bees

I’m Dara (pronounced DARE-ah, like Sara, but with a D), and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m all about organization and living a well balanced life.

I’m a total bookworm, a doughnut loving, nail polish obsessed, creature of habit who runs on strong coffee. I wouldn’t be able to survive without my day planner, and I always ensure to keep fresh blooms in the house. I also have a bit of a succulent obsession — they’re the best and easiest to care for, and also, the prettiest!

I live in the heart of Washington, DC with my husband, Alex (all about our wedding), and our two little feisty kittens, Sebs and Max. We just bought our first home, an adorable little yellow townhouse, and have filled it to the brim with herbs, succulents, orchids, cacti we are attempting to keep alive, in addition to our 2 yr old betta fish named Jonah.

Also, here are top FAQ’s answered for you!


I established Peonies and Bees —  on an unseasonably warm day in May of 2015 — in the hopes of making just the smallest difference in one of my readers. The blog is a space filled with inspiration and motivation for living a well-balanced life, by way of organization.

The blog covers topics ranging from fitness to books, wedding to beauty, food to cleaning tips. The blog’s main goal is to encourage women to live and thrive as their best selves. 


Questions? Comments? Ideas for a new post? Please let me know, I would absolutely love to hear from you! Email: dara@peoniesandbees.com


I value all my readers and their privacy. Email addresses and names submitted in comment forms will never be exposed, sold, rented, or added to any mailing lists.