Peonies and Bees

Hey there! I’m Dara (pronounced DARE-ah, like Sara, but with a D), and I’m so glad you’re here. I started Peonies and Bees back in 2015, mainly because I love reading books and then spending a ridiculous time talking about them. And what’s a better place than the internet to babble on?

Other things I spend a ridiculous amount of time talking about (in no particular order): doughnuts, nail polish, my cats, organization, restaurants in DC, barre classes, succulents, capsule wardrobes, and to-do lists. You’ll find all of that here too.

Dara Boxer Culinary Designs

It took me all of 2 months to realize I don’t have what it takes to run a full-time blog. I suppose I missed the blogger boom, or something. So instead, I’m a personal chef, here in Washington, DC. I work with amazing families and cook their meals. I still cannot believe I get to make a living this way, I feel incredibly lucky. I also run a food blog called The Minimalist Table. It’s where you’ll find my recipes, kitchen tips, and more mouthwatering photos of food.

I used to have a corporate sales and marketing gig, which had more down time than one would think. With that said, I used to post here 4-5 times per week. But now that my days are spent in a kitchen, I’m lucky if I can return a text within a respectable timeframe to my friends.

As you can imagine, these days I can barely manage to keep a regular positing schedule around here. New posts that do appear are so insanely sporadic, I’m embarrassed to call myself a ‘lifestyle blogger.’ Yet, here we are.

When I scrape together all my energy, literally everything I have left in me, and actually have time to post, rest assured that it’ll most likely be a post about books, and maybe, just maybe I’ll begin writing about other things again. One can dream, right?

I live with my handsome husband in a little townhouse in Southwest Waterfront. It’s also where all of our disposable income goes.

We’re officially out numbered by creatures who sleep in our house and demand food the moment we return home from work. We have a betta fish named Jonah (we’ve managed to keep him alive for 2+ years at this point!), and two feisty, silly, sweet, gorgeous, adorable cats, Squeaks and Max.

Max (left), Squeaks (right)

Contact Info:

E – dara@peoniesandbees.com

Personal Chef Website – www.dbcdesigns.co

Food Blog – The Minimalist Table

Thank you so much for reading!