Mother-Daughter Weekend

There is definitely an undeniable bond between mothers and daughters. My relationship with my mother is has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout the years, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have been living over 1,000+ miles away for the past five years, which surprisingly has helped strengthen my relationship with my mother in ways I wouldn’t have expected.

With that said, it is still definitely hard to be so far away from family, especially my mother, but as I’ve mentioned before, we see each other multiple times a year for vacations, weddings, engagement parties, and holidays. As an adult, I think the parent-child relationship tends to shift in dramatic ways. It’s very important to nurture the ever growing relationship, as I have grown to appreciate my mother in ways I didn’t think I could as a teenager.

My mother and I aim for a girls weekend once a year. We find that it works best when she flies to Washington, DC. As a George Washington University graduate, the streets of DC are her old stomping grounds, and she tends to stay in a pretty relaxed and calm state when she’s here. We think it’s important that the trip is just for us: Mother-Daughter. Without the extra chaos of cousins, aunts, grandparents, or siblings around, we can actually focus on our relationship by staying present with each other and valuing the time we have:

Just Us. 

My mother flew up to DC for our annual girl-time last weekend. I booked a room at The Renaissance in Chinatown for the two of us during her three day weekend in DC. We figured we would maximize our time together by staying together, especially since we had a pretty jam-packed schedule: food, shops, walks, laughs, and adventure.


The weather was absolutely perfect for a long walk around the National Mall. We took advantage of my selfie-stick (yes, I have a selfie-stick…) in front of the Washington Monument and The White House. Afterwards, we grabbed lattes and pastries at one of my favorite French bakeries followed by a visit to the National Museum of American History. Dinner and drinks at Rosa Mexicano proved to be another great choice. We truly had a nice evening together, deep in conversation over frozen margaritas and quesadillas.


In the morning we took a Vinyasa Flow class at my yoga studio. They had a special ‘Glow Flow’ class in celebration of Halloween. I was extremely impressed by my mother, who kept up like a champion! She’s pretty new to yoga, and the fact that we’re able to share that, is really nice! We showered and changed back at the hotel, grabbed sushi for lunch, and headed over to the apartment. It was her first time seeing the place since I moved into Alex’s over the summer. My mother and I spent some time shopping in Georgetown before Alex met up with us for dinner at Paolo’s. (This is an Italian place that Alex and I have been meaning to try since we stopped at their booth during Taste of Georgetown. I highly recommend their tortellini rose!) 


Another great day. We booked early morning acupuncture appointments. I’ve been going to an acupuncturist for several years now and have constantly raved about the results. I was very impressed that my mother was open and willing to give Eastern medicine a try! She was just full of surprises this trip — yoga and acupuncture — it was like a whole new mom! Lunch and more shopping filled up the rest of the afternoon. We stopped at Baked and Wired for coffee and cupcakes before I dropped her off at DCA for her flight home. I was sad to see her go; we had such a lovely weekend together, and felt like we really did a wonderful job giving our relationship some TLC. The trip came and went way too quickly, but I’ll see her again soon.

  • You too look so cute.

    • Thank you Summer 🙂

  • Mother and daughter time is the best! My mom and I are having a mother and daughter morning this Saturday and I looking so much forward to it 🙂 & it looks and sounds like your mom and you had a wonderful time together 🙂

    • It’s so important! I’m glad to hear you and your mother schedule time together as well! I hope you have a lovely time on Saturday! XO

  • Love this post! I went to college in DC, so this post brought back memories of when my mom used to visit me. I’m glad you both enjoyed your time together.

    • Oh very cool! I’m glad you were able to reminisce a bit! XO

  • I love this post! My relatioship with my mother is one of the most special relationships I have! We are thinking of moving in the next couple years, and I would be across the county form my mom! It’s great to see how close you still are and your weekend together!!


    • Thank you Colleen! Yes, it’s tough but it makes the times you spend together so much more special! XO

  • You are so cute!!

    Mónica Sors



    • Thank you Mónica! XO

  • such a nice post, thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Thank you Sera! XO

  • You & your mom are so beautiful. A girls weekend once a year is a great way to stay updated without time going by too quickly. Looks like y’all had fun. :]

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    • Thank you so much Carmen! Yes! I feel very lucky that my mother carves out that time for me. It’s really sweet and wonderful. XO

  • Love your pictures of you and your mum! you look so sweet I loved this post 😉

    • Thank you Heather! XO

  • Awe it looks like you guys had a great a time together

    • We did! It was truly a wonderful and such a relaxing weekend! XO

  • You both looks so beautiful! Love your pictures!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    • Thank you Trang! I love my mothers hair, I wish I had it!