Lunchtime Food Prep | Crab Tower Salads

Lunchtime Food Prep | Crab Tower Salads

Over eighty percent of the dishes I create for my clients are dinner entrees with accompanying sides. Sometimes the request for a quick grab-and-go breakfast item comes in, and other times it’s for a baked treat. My absolute favorite?…

Missouri Botanical Garden | @daraboxer

The Missouri Botanical Garden

You didn’t think that I’d blog about a recent trip I’d taken and not follow up with a separate post about said cities botanical garden, did you? No, I didn’t think so. Gardens are almost always my favorite part…

How I've Been Organizing My Work from Home Days | @daraboxer

How I’ve Been Organizing My Work from Home Days

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to find new and creative ways to stay focused and become more productive on my work from home days. Especially since I can get sidetracked so easily. Sidebar: The ULTIMATE at-home distraction are our two…

Recent Reads I Love | @daraboxer

Three Recent Reads I Loved

Greetings from London! I’m here with one of my best friends for the week (follow along on my instagram), and couldn’t be more thrilled. I didn’t want to leave you hanging on content while I’m gone. Also, fun fact:…

Weekending in St. Louis @daraboxer

Weekending in St. Louis

Earlier this month, my husband and I spent a weekend in St. Louis with nearly his entire extended and immediate family. It had been over ten years since Alex had visited STL, and my very first taste of the city.  …

Spring Staples | Building My Caspule

Spring Staples | Building My Capsule

It has been six  l-o-n-g  months (maybe even longer) since I’ve allowed myself to go shopping. Once I closed and locked my fall / winter capsule, that was IT! I promised myself absolutely no shopping until it was time…