Why I’m Creating a Technology-Free Bedroom

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a little problem at night. Like most people, I keep my phone in the bedroom, and it has become a real issue lately. I’m noticing that it’s only getting worse as time goes on.

Here’s what happens (what I didn’t mention in my nighttime routine post), just about every single night…. it’s about 10pm, and I’m in bed, with all intentions to sleep, to get those very much needed Zzz’s. I’m lying there, in bed, with my iPhone glued to my right hand. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, opening emails that came in after dinner, and catching up on the news. I decide it’s time for sleep, after all, an hour just passed. But before I do so, I need to check Instagram one last time. And then reply to that text a friend just sent… now it’s super late, and wayyyy past when I originally intended to go to sleep. And the cycle continues.

Here are the three reasons I’m now keeping my phone in the kitchen overnight:


Exposing yourself to the blue light of a device (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) is a great way to ensure that your quality of sleep will be decreased. Mainly because it effects hormonal responses and suppresses melatonin secretion — delaying sleep. And yes, that even includes iOS 9.3’s new feature Night Shift, which adjusts the colors in your display to be on the warmer end of the spectrum.


The bedroom should be a peaceful, relaxing space where work doesn’t overlap into. Leaving your phone in another room will give your brain something else to focus on. Like decompressing from the day, chatting with your partner, reading, meditating, writing, etc. If your phone isn’t in plain sight, sitting on your nightstand, there’s no temptation to check the email the that just came in, or reply to that text, or see how many likes that photo just got. Save it for the morning, when you’re fresh.


Grabbing and checking your phone, all those missed notifications overnight, won’t be the very first thing you do in the morning. You’ll have time to revel in the peace and quiet that is the morning, until you get up, and start your day. Instead of the instant checking, you’ll be giving yourself a beautiful morning gift, that of some space and calmness to get through the day ahead.

I decided to take action, and put my foot D-O-W-N. And by that, I mean, I am banishing technology (or rather, just my phone…) out of the bedroom. So, I bought an alarm clock from Target, and giving it a go this week.

What are your thoughts on phones in the bedroom?

  • I hear you on this! I don’t know if I could ever do it but I think it’s so commendable to try!!! Let us know how it goes!!

    Xox Dana Ivy // http://www.iadorewhatilove.com

    • Oh I know. It’s going to be tough. Not really looking forward to it, but will totally keep you posted!

  • Great idea! We don’t have a TV in our bedroom and I thought that was a great start.

    xx Falasha
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    • I totally agree. We’ve never had a TV in the bedroom, I think that’s just asking for trouble!

  • I REALLY want to stop having my phone anywhere near my bed. It inevitably wakes me up at some point during the night and then keeps me awake. All I need to do is buy an alarm clock like you did and say goodbye to that annoying blue light forever!

    • Blue light is the worst. Buy an alarm clock, try it! Let’s start the movement!

  • Ev

    Great blog dear!


  • This is a really great idea, thanks for sharing your thoughts.. I completely agree! I love your blog too, let me know if you want to follow each other! x


    • Thank you so much, Adele! I’d love to!

  • This is a great idea! I totally agree about the no technology thing. I haven’t had a tv in my bedroom for years and I love it because I’m not tempted to turn it on and get hooked on a tv show. Instead, I’ll usually read before bed or do some calming yoga! 🙂

    • Totally agree. And I haven’t had a TV in the bedroom in ages, it’s terrible, and totally horrible for you. Now if only I can do the same with my phone in the bedroom…

  • Good for you!! 🙂 I keep my phone on vibe (probably more than I should because I forget to turn it back on in the morning) facing down so the light from incoming texts and emails don’t keep me from falling asleep or wake me up. Usually unless I’m having a really motivated day, I don’t have any trouble putting my phone down when I hit the sheets…but that’s only because I love sleep waaaaaay too much.


    • Hahah I wish I could be more like you in that regard. Even if my phone is facedown, I’m like ‘oh wait, did I reply to that last email?’ and then I go to grab it, and get sucked in for hours.

  • I hear you! I’ve had to cut out the tech once in bed too!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    • Ugh the worst! 🙂

  • This is a great idea! –Hanna Lei

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    • Thanks Hanna!

  • This is a really good idea – being technology free in one space really makes it a place to relax! Also, you’ll probably be more likely to sleep better as well, being away from screens before bed 🙂
    – Ambar | Her Little Loves

    • I totally agree. I should have done this years ago!

  • I actually started practicing a 1-hour before bedtime tech detox. Mainly because I find that I needlessly stay up when I know I should be sleeping. And now that I have a baby in my life, I definitely need to rest up.

    These are really good facts to keep in mind when we stay so close to tech in our bedroom. We all lived and survived fine without it before. We just need to remember that life will be just as amazing after some rest. =)


    • I know! It’s so hard to believe that this is reality now. I value my sleep too much to become taken over by a technology addiction, especially at night.

  • I always sleep with my phone next to me, this is so bad, I know. I need to try a technology detox, but it’s kind of hard at the beginning! Awesome post!


    • Ugh same. Even just one day a week would help us out so much!

  • Yes! I’m right there with you. I find what really bothers me is the waking up and scrolling through my phone. I feel attacked with all this info when just a few short years ago I would calmly wake and start my day. I need to remove my phone from my bedroom too 🙂

    • YES! That is the worst feeling ever. I know, sometimes I think back to high school, and even college, where email wasn’t hooked up to my phone. Oh those peaceful days!