What’s in My Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

What's in My Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe | Peonies and Bees Last year was my very first attempt at a seasonal capsule wardrobe. And even though my first attempt was a tad rocky, overall, I’d give Fall 2016’s Capsule two thumbs up. I totally fell in love with having a small closet. I really enjoyed having less options, fewer decisions, and a closet containing pieces of clothes I was excited to wear, and for the most part, all went with each other. Though, I will totally admit that the planning and coordinating of the outfits could have been a bit better — last Fall / Winter I wasn’t great with the layers, and limited myself to too few bottom pieces.

Soon to come — a post on how I created and curated my capsule, mainly because of how many mistakes I made last year (it was a lot). I went about it a bit differently this year, and really hope that it’ll pay off. That I’ll still love what I’m wearing on a very-regular-basis come December. That I won’t look at my clothes when I’m packing up for Spring and think, WTF was I thinking with that cardigan? Because lord knows I said that about a handful of pieces from 2016.

And now, what you’re all waiting for…


Things are a tad different this year. I opted for no skirts, only three dresses, sprung for high quality expensive jeans, decided it’s time to finally embrace vests (gasp! yes, vests!) and get smarter about layering choices. I said hell no to a blanket scarf, and retired items that didn’t fit me well from last year. I have a total of 36 pieces (yes, I’m 1 piece over the 35), and I’m pumped.

What's in My Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe | Peonies and Bees


I did my absolute very best to find the exact pieces currently hanging in my closet. However, a majority of my items aren’t new (would you believe me if I told you that jean jacket is from high school), and I’m sure my girl friends will be able to recognize pieces from last year, but I’m OK with that!

Anyway, I’ve linked similar items below, to the best of my capabilities. If you’re trying to create your very own capsule, follow along with the captions of the items (more so than the actual item, if that makes sense) as a rough guideline!



What's in My Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe | Peonies and Bees

What's in My Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe | Peonies and BeesBOTTOMS


SHOES What's in My Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe | Peonies and Bees


OK so bags aren’t supposed to be included, but I’m so in love with my three bags that I’m sharing them with you as well. And yes, the gorgeous marron Madewell tote is brand new. I decided to treat myself, because why not? If you can’t tell, I have a deep, deep love for Madewell bags. And since maroon is a color I don’t see leaving anytime soon, I felt safe purchasing it.
Sidebar: in 2014 I owned a LIME GREEN Kate Spade wallet, that was ‘in’ for all of TWO SECONDS before I felt super tacky pulling it out to pay for things. Lessoned learned — stick with a classic color palette and your money will go far.