All the Books Read in August

YOU GUYS! This summer has been totally bonkers. Intense, extreme, manic, overexerted… all great descriptions for what the past three months have been like over here.

Or how about just C-R-A-Z-Y.

Yeah, that actually seems to fit way better. I always feel like summer is the season where people totally overdo it. Something about the longer days, hotter weather, and everything in between.

I definitely needed the blogging break, but I’m glad to be back. I MISSED YOU! And I really missed blogging. Especially blogging about books I’ve read. And I’ve read so many great books this summer that I’ve been dying to share… so here goes! Continue Reading

96 Hours in London | Part II

I left off at The Mousetrap, the end of Day 02 in my 96 hour London adventure. We crammed as much as we could possibly do in those four days, and were out of the house most mornings from 9:30a…

A 96 Hour Itinerary in London | Part I

Earlier this month, I spent half a week in London. I landed at Heathrow at 8:00AM on a Sunday, and had a 10:00AM flight home that Thursday. Which gave me a full 96 hours in London, and let me tell you,…

Happy 2nd Birthday, Peonies and Bees!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Peonies and Bees!

Today marks a full two years of Peonies and Bees. TWO YEARS! When I first started this blog, I had NO idea what I wanted to do with it. It has changed and morphed shapes and directions a million…

The Mothers by Brit Bennett

I’m sure you’ve seen The Mothers by Brit Bennett just about everywhere these last few months. I know I have. All reviews and posts about The Mothers was nothing shy of glowing. Which made me a grow a bit skeptical. But I reluctantly…